Lately, I had been reading up on kids subscription boxes and wanted to try some of them out. Luckily, we got one of the subscription services gifted to us and so I figured I’d write up a review to help others out, in case they are deciding on getting these crafts/educational boxes for their little ones. We got the monthly subscription for Ivy Kids.

What is Ivy Kids? 

Ivy Kids is a monthly subscription box that has tons of educational material for little ones from ages 3-8 that are developed by certified early childhood teachers. Each month, a kit is sent that contains more than 10 activities revolving around problem solving, identifying numbers and letters, building gross motor skills, literacy skills and math skills.

And I have to say, I have been so impressed by the carefully curated box by Ivy Kids, that I know for a fact, my toddler (Ms. H) is going to learn so much with it along with me spending quality time with her as well as get some solid learning done. Now Ms. H is 2.5, so some activities were definitely a bit too advanced for her, so we have kept those aside for later.


Monthly subscriptions for Ivy Kids run from $38.95 which is steep but I really do believe, that you get so much out of that box, that I really wouldn’t  mind paying the price. Also, as a busy mom, it saves me tons of time because each activity comes with detailed instructions as well as all the matericals included that will be required for that particular activity. Ivy Kids also have options for 3 month subscriptions as well as 6 months.

We received our December box very promptly and my toddler was super excited to see a box curated for her especially.

As soon as you open up the Ivy Kids box, you can easily see a summary of what all is included inside, which is pretty neat and handy.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016

Ms. H couldn’t contain her excitement and wanted to jump right in. But we decided to do one activity a day so that we can get the most out of the box. Our first one was coloring the hat as seen below.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016

Next we had some fun making the hedgehog with the provided clay.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016

All activities revolve around the theme of the book that is included in the box which is great. It creates a lot of interest for the child to practically understand the story by doing all the hands-on activities.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016 Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016

Here are some more pictures that show what is included in the box for December 2016.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016Ivy Kids Subscription Box Review December 2016

Overall, we have been very happy with this box and look forward to receiving more of these boxes. I would rate this box a 5 out of a 5!

Have you tried Ivy Kids? Share your views in comments. 🙂

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