Koala crate is a monthly subscription box from Kiwi Crate geared towards preschoolers that offers various fun, engaging and hands on learning activities.


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What is included

Fun 2 to 3 crafts activities featuring around a particular theme for that month.


So we were super excited to try the Koala Crate box as I had read good reviews about their monthly boxes. I wanted to give it a try for a month before continuing on with the subscription. Here is my detailed review.

I absolutely loved the concept of the box and definitely think this is one of the reasonably priced boxes in the toddler crafts category. There are tons of subscription boxes that focus on the older kids and not many for the toddler age range so I was super excited to find out that we could do some fun crafts activities with this one. This month’s theme was about reptiles.

Koala Crate Subscription Box December 2016 Review

Koala Crate Subscription Box December 2016 Review

Small box but filled up to the brim. A handy page explained how to complete each craft. This month’s theme was about Reptiles. And all the crafts were about 3 different reptiles: Snake, Turtle, and a Chameleon.

Ms. H was super excited to bring out her creative game and jump right into the box.

We started off with making the snake which was a super fun activity, and everything was provided in the box.  Ms. H was super proud of herself for making this snake all by herself (of course mama helped a tiny bit). But it turned out to be a great hands-on activity that allowed her to be creative as well.

Koala Crate Subscription Box December 2016 Review

Next, we made the turtle which was again a very fun experience for the little one.

Koala Crate Subscription Box December 2016 Review

Here is the picture of all the completed crafts that we were able to achieve through this month’s theme of reptiles.

Koala Crate Subscription Box December 2016 Review


We enjoyed this month’s box thoroughly. It made up for a busy and an entertaining afternoon for my 2.5 year old. I would highly recommend this one!

Have you tried Koala Crate? Share your views in comments! 🙂

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