KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

KidArtLit is a monthly subscription for kids ages 3-7 that sends out a thoughtfully curated hardback picture book along with an open-ended art project that revolves around the theme of the included picture book!

Disclosure: KidArtLit kindly sent me this box for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed in this post are mine. 


$46.99 + free shipping

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KidArtLit Subscription Box Review Unboxing

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! What a superb way to excite kids about books and art! This box and its contents would certainly brighten up anybody’s day!

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

Let’s see what we got in the box in details.

KidArtLit Subscription Box unboxing

Love the look of the mini magazine and the message on it.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review instructions

The first page of the magazine lists all the materials in the box – and at first glance, this is super helpful. So, right off the bat we know what to expect.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review what's inside

Firstly, I have to say that the instructions are very nicely written and make it very easy for the adult/helper to follow through.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review instruction

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review instructions

You can also win a free box by simply snapping a pic and sharing it on Instagram with the hashtag #kidartlitkids!

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

All the materials come in separate bags. Each box also comes with a Ready, Set, Go activity kit that can be used the moment you open up the box!

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review - materials

Acid-free, cold pressed watercolor paper along with 2 thick-handled paint brushes and junior artist oil pastels. Looking at such high quality painting material ensured me, I’ll have my little Picasso ready soon! 😀 Seriously, I am so impressed with the quality of these items.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review - materials

The star “item” of the box was this picture book “A River” by Marc Martin.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review - materials

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review - A River Picturebook

I felt the illustrations in the book were on point and really brought out the “artsy” feeling. Now I am sure for my 3 year old, she wasn’t able to see the connection between art and the story of the book. But I am glad she enjoyed the story, which was all about a vivid imaginative journey. Which 3 year old does not have an overactive imagination? haha. So this was right up my daughter’s alley, even if she is a bit on the younger side.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review - picture book

Watercolor Painting with Washable Markers

We started our art project after reading the book a bunch of times.


Loved how focused she is in the picture – this type of quiet time is certainly always welcomed by this mama 😉

KidArtLit painting

Painting away with her big brush after coloring with the washable markers.

KidArtLit art project

Our boat puppet all ready for some imaginative playtime.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

Landscapes with Oil Pastels and Bleeding Ink

All the materials required to make our dream painting using the oil pastels and non-toxic artist colored tissue papers.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

Another hands-on, creative task for little ones – to draw out their imaginations on the paper and then color it using the tissue paper/water combination.

KidArtLit Subscription Box Review

We loved putting on the tissue paper on our drawing – messiness galore, but so much fun!

Final activity to complete our art project was cutting out the top of the box and sticking our painting inside. We then used our boat puppet, and maneuvered it around in our little “theater” creation.

KidArtLit Subscription Box - dream theater

My daughter loved playing with this “theater” box and her vivid imagination and impeccable storytelling skills made for a good couple hours of fun! 🙂

KidArtLit Subscription Box - art project


KidArtLit turned out to be the best combination of art projects and story time! The selection of the book was age-appropriate and can certainly be enjoyed by adults as well. Also, the art project went with the theme of the book perfectly – thereby illustrating a solid connection between the story and hands-on creativity. Furthermore, what I liked about KidArtLit is that the open-ended learning concept certainly leaves a lot of room for your kids to explore and imagine on their own. And that is something I certainly want for my kids especially in this busy and fast-paced world we live in. I would 100% recommend KidArtLit to any parent who want to cultivate or bring out the love of reading and art in your kids.

Have you tried out KidArtLit? Share your comments below. 🙂