Koala Crate is a monthly subscription box from KiwiCo previously known as Kiwi Crate geared towards preschoolers or kids ages 3-4. It sends out 2-3 engaging and hands-on learning activities that allow your little ones to be creative while playing and learning at the same time. KiwiCo’s family of boxes also include subscriptions for the following ages: Cricket Crate (Ages 0-2), Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8), and Doodle and Tinker Crates (Ages 9-16+).


19.95/monthly + free shipping.

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What’s inside

Fun 2 to 3 crafts activities featuring around a particular theme for that month.

This month theme was all about creating music! Can’t tell you how excited my 3 and almost 2-year-olds were.

Our handy dandy instruction card detailing all 3 crafts for the month!

A monthly magazine filled with activities and a fun story!

The very detailed instruction booklet for the 3 music-related crafts!

Let’s get started!

Activity#1: Xylophone

All the items needed to make our xylophone.

Work in progress. I had to help with putting the rubber bands on the xylophone bars. But the kids used the stamps to “beautify” them and make the music notes.

Our finished xylophone with the composed notes. It was a lot of fun for my 3-year old to “create” music with the colors she had selected. Another thing I loved about this activity was that it revolved around the concept of patterns at the same time. And we had a blast doing just that. We used the stamps to make music notes based on certain patterns, so we did get quite a bit of learning out of this as well. 🙂

Activity #2: Tambourine

A super fun way to make the tambourine by threading the elastic through the holes and putting in the bells. Easy enough for small hands to handle.

Great activity for developing those fine motor skills. And the tambourine worked like a charm! Fun and easy.

Activity #3: Dancing Streamer

This was a pretty quick one. All we needed to do was use the stamps on our ribbon and then thread the stick on the other end.

A simple hands-on activity that introduces preschoolers to the concept of dancing streamers going with the music theme of the month.


Another fun month by Koala Crate! The music theme and activities were all very age-appropriate along with providing hands-on STEM-related fun. We loved making the xylophone and the tambourine especially! Also, the quality of materials was pretty good considering “toddlers” played with it all day long and they seemed to last long enough. 🙂

Don’t forget to get 40% off your first month with code LABORDAY40. Valid from August 31st to September 5th only!

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