Ecocentric Mom is a monthly subscription that sends out carefully selected 5-7 full-size fun and eco-friendly products for busy moms and kids up to age 4. You have the option of choosing the monthly box type that fits your stage of motherhood: pregnancy, baby, toddler and beyond.

Also, some new changes are in store as going forward, each month around the 1st,  you will be able to select 2 products from a list of options given to you, while the other 3 products will be selected by their team of experts to keep the surprise factor still in tact!

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27.99/monthly + free U.S. shipping. (Reduced subscription rates with 3, 6 or 12-month plans are available).

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This review is for the Mom and Baby box (0-18 months). 🙂

What’s inside

Everything inside our box, this month!

This month’s theme was all about play date/ Date Night products. Filled with all the essentials! 🙂 We did not get any details on the information card this month regarding the products included in the box as now we are able to select 2 of the 5 products on our own. So it makes sense to just include the web link on the information card for us to check out for more details.

Onto the items now.

WaterWipes (10 wipes) – $1.29

I have used WaterWipes in the past when my kids were newborns and I still prefer using water-based wipes, so this is a great essential that’ll come in handy on the go anytime!

Miracle Tree Moringa Organic Superfood Tea (25 Tea Bags) – $6.99

This tea tasted pretty good! However, the flavor was a bit on the milder side, but I could really feel the energy throughout the day. Moringa leaves contain over 90 nutrients that boost energy levels and increase vitality, increase focus and enhance overall well-being. Hey, as a tired mommy of 2, I need all that good stuff, and I am glad to get it out of my morning tea! I will be trying out other flavors as well.

Lyeska Facial Cleanser Siberian Cedar Nut (4.4 oz) – $38.00

This 100% natural and organic facial cleanser combines the restorative properties of cedar nut oil with a beneficial blend of apple, burdock root, and calendula to cleanse skin away without stripping its natural oils. My face felt squeaky clean and baby soft after! However, I felt the cedar scent was a bit on the stronger side, but since I really like the natural ingredients in it, I will continue to use it on a daily basis.

Rubbabu (TM) Golf Ball Baby Toy – $12.94

This brightly colored ball is perfect for babies as well as kids of all ages. It is easy for little hands to hold and great for tactile stimulation and motor skills development. It does have a nice bounce to it and safe for kids to even throw around the house without hitting or breaking anything. ha 😉

Glow For A Cause Body Butter (.7 oz) – $1.50 (sample)

This luxuriously rich body butter contains oils of coconut, jojoba, sunflower, and vitamin E – all great ingredients meant to provide some serious hydration to the body. Plus the floral and citrusy scent was just way too heavenly! Loved this.

Glow For A Cause Perfume in Wish (.4 oz) – (sample)

I love solid perfumes as I find that they do seem to last a bit longer on me than the regular ones. This one again had a very light and floral scent to it and I could still smell it on me hours later! Oh and again it contains all natural and good for you ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter etc. Glad to have tried this one out. 🙂


Another great month by Ecocentric Mom. The overall value comes around $60 and that’s counting all the full-size products only! My favorites were the Miracle Tea, Lyeska Facial Cleanser and the Glow For A Cause products. If you want to try out eco-friendly, natural and organic products, look no further than Ecocentric Mom and for a limited time, get 30% off your first month with the code GETSTARTED.

Have you tried Ecocentric Mom yet? Share your comments below. 🙂