Degustabox Subscription Box Review + first box for only $9.99 coupon - January 2018

February 2018 Degustabox review time! Degustabox is a monthly food subscription that sends out 10 to 15 full-size surprise products every month! The products range from basic pantry items to snacks to innovative food products from well-known and niche brands at a discounted price.


19.99/monthly + FREE shipping.

DEAL: Use coupon code T91SB and get 50% off your first Degustabox as well as FREE SHIPPING!

*Disclosure: Degustabox kindly sent me this box for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Post may contain affiliate/referral links. 

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What’s inside?

10-15 full-size pantry and snack items. Love how all the products come packaged neatly with air pouches around to keep them secure! This one is always a hefty box! 🙂

The handy dandy information sheet for the month lists all the products and their details along with the prices! This month was all about Superbowl snacking! 😉

The other side contains recipes that use some of the products from your box – always great to have some inspiration. 🙂

Everything inside my February box! 🙂 As always, tons of full-sized products can be seen.

Scroll below to see my detailed review of each of these items.

Boboli Thin Crust (284g) – $3.99

If you prefer a thin crust, then this one by Boboli is going to be right up your alley. This is perfect for those busy nights when you need a quick meal ready! I love that they also included the Pizza sauce to make our lives so much easier. 😉

Boboli Traditional Italian Pizza Sauce (425g) – $2.75

This traditional Italian pizza sauce is flavored with garlic, onion and a rich blend of spices to create that zesty pizza sauce flavor. Just top with your favorite cheese and toppings, and delicious pizza is ready within minutes!

Tiger Tail Classic Mustard (340g) – $1.99

This all-natural mustard is small batch crafted in Dyersburg, Tenessee. Packed with bold, southern flavors sure to enhance the flavor of hamburgers and hotdogs!

Goya Casero Refried Black Beans & Refried Pinto Beans (454g) – $1.39/$1.09

Can’t go wrong with chunky-smooth, Mexican style refried beans that are cholesterol free and made without lard! I have a slight preference for the refried black beans but love that these cans whip up some super fast and delicious appetizers!

Sir Kensington Ketchup (396g) – $4.99

Having tried out the sample of this ketchup in one of the earlier boxes, I was so excited to see the full-size! I love that it is made with 50% less sugar and 33% less sodium along with containing no high-fructose corn syrup or any other artificial ingredients. Love the rich flavors incorporated into this “spicy” version.

Mrs. Renfro’s Craft Beer Salsa (454g) – 3.49

This gourmet salsa is made with Texas Red Amber beer and the usual salsa spices such as tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro. Use it as a dip or as a topping over your favorite appetizer!

Organic Grounded Snacks Aged White Cheddar – $3.29

The creamy white cheddar flavor paired with a hint of garlic made these cheddar chips surprisingly light, crispy and very flavorful.

Made with organic red rice and quinoa also makes it a healthier option over any other kind. 😉

Luna Whole Nutrition Bar Lemonzest (3 x 23g) – $1.39 (full-sized)

It sure is a month of Luna bars! But I am always so glad to see these in the boxes, especially because they taste pretty phenemonal. These are the perfect healthy and filling snack on-the-go or just whenever you feel you need an energy boost.

The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Rub (53g) – $4.99

I saved the best for the last! One of my favorites from this month’s box and something that I couldn’t wait to try out. This spice rub imparts the fragrant, citrusy notes of coriander seeds with the bright tartness of lime. Oh my goodness, was this delicious or what!

I immediately marinated some chicken breasts with the spice rub and olive oil to come up with this super fragrant and delicious Mediterranean flavor infused chicken over rice! I can’t wait to try out other flavors by The Spice Hunter and use up that $1.50 off coupon. 😀


Another fun month by Degustabox! My favorites were the Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Rub, Tiger Tail Classic Mustard, Luna bars and of course the Boboli Thin Crust. The overall value this month was around $30 compared to the monthly cost at $19.99. With so many full-sized products that are always so pantry-friendly, you really can’t go wrong with Degustabox. Don’t forget to get 50% off your first box with the coupon code T91SB.