*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

With the plethora of bacteria and germs being discovered each year that are turning out to be superbugs, it is extremely important to have sanitizers or products that help us combat the spread of infections. Children are also more susceptible to catching onto these germs which are present in our homes and surroundings. While as moms we can’t protect our children from each and every harmful element out there, I’d be happy to rely on PurMist as it has a 99.9999% success rate against these superbugs!

What is #PurMist?

If you haven’t heard, PurMist is a new technology which has been clinically tested by a globally renowned 3rd party laboratory in the United States. PurMist is a natural, moisturizing formulation using botanical oils solving century old problems of cross-contamination from touch now being able to kill bacteria and germs safely within 15 seconds of the application while protecting with glove-like protection continually for 6 hours with one application.

More Benefits Include

  • Full hand and arm coverage when 3.4 oz spray is available for back to school July 2018
  • Alcohol-Free
  • No perfume, fragrance or cologne additives or claims
  • Non- Toxic or carcinogenic formulation
  • Naturally kills germs instantly, 15 and 30 seconds lasting 6 hours continually
  • Promotes healthy skin flora
  • PurMist will not dry out skin. The more the product is used on the skin, especially after hand washing, the healthier it becomes due to the botanical oil formulation. No sticky residue build up or drying guaranteed. 
  • No synthetic moisturizers
  • Recycled corrugate/plastics used for packaging as well fully recyclable product after use
  • Eco-friendly 
  • USA made, American Disability Association Cleared, US Federal Contract – DAPA approved for US Government, all Military stores and divisions

About The Founder

The inventor and founder of PurMist/BioSilvics, Inc also has a horticulture degree being able to head the formulation process. While serving, the inventor/founder of BioSilvics, Inc over the past decade developed this new technology to be used in the field and bring to consumers to help protect families. Unfortunately, due to an unknown contamination in the work field, the founder had to retire from the fire department ending this enjoyed and lengthy career. The founder was rendered bedridden, hospitalized for many months having to retire from the force presently dealing with this lifelong disability. While struggling with his own health issues, the company continued slowly bringing all the components together to build the process for FDA acceptance, testing and much more to be able to go to market in the United States to continue his humanitarian work by providing this new sanitizing technology. 

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