Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

Disclosure: I was sent these products as PR samples. However, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Post may contain affiliate/referral links.

Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

Lately, I have been obsessed with eyes and everything related to eye makeup. While I do not usually incorporate eyeshadows in my makeup routine, bring on all the mascaras, eyeliners and pencils – so this package was literally right up my alley! And when you are a mama on the go, but still want to look “presentable” – I seriously believe it’s the eyes that make everything look put together, don’t you think so too? 🙂

Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

So I was pretty thrilled to receive all these goodies and have been playing with these for a few weeks now, so read on if you want to see what I think of each and check out the swatches. 🙂

Black Lacquer Lash Primer in Jet Black ($15)

“This multi-use black lash primer plumps, protects, and preps lashes.”

I had no idea a lash primer would make so much of a difference to the lashes! This Lash primer really helps in separating the lashes and prepping them for coats of mascara! It paired beautifully well with the Large Lash Mascara by Pixi. I have nothing but good things to say about this one here. 🙂 Probably one of my favorites.

Black Lacquer Lash Primer - Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

Large Lash Mascara in Bold Black ($16)

“Intensely volumizing & lengthening mascara for large lashes in a few fuss-free seconds.”

When they say intensely volumizing – they really mean it! However, I tried it without the Lash primer (above) and wasn’t too thrilled with the results, but pair it with the primer and you’re golden! It instantly added volume and length to the lashes.

Large Lash Mascara - Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

Lash Line Ink in Black Silk ($14)

“This innovative liner creates the most natural-looking eye definition. Designed to be dotted into the base of lashes, the rich black ink gives the effect of increased lash volume in moments. The easy-to-use applicator and super smooth water-resistant formula make this a must-have for both natural and dramatic makeup looks.”

This is such an easy pen eyeliner to use! Like truly made for a person on the go and leaves little space to mess up. You get that perfectly drawn fine line that glides smoothly without feathering.

Lash Line Ink - Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

And once it sets, it would not budge at all. Even the heaviest of makeup removers that I own could not get this swatch off my arm. 😉 Which is exactly what I was looking for since I do have oily eyelids. Just the perfect black eyeliner for everyday use!

Lash Line Ink Swatch

Eye Define Waterline in Tightline Black ($14)

Use on inner, upper lash line for maximum eye definition!” 

Finally, something that does not irritate my sensitive eyes! This is the blackest shade you can get. I also found it highly pigmented (as can be seen in the swatch below) and it literally just glided, with no tugging or pulling of the skin. Perfect to add more definition to the eyes.

Eye Bright Liner in Nude ($12)

“Eye whitening brightener to use on lower inner eye rim for instant awake looking eyes.”

I had not delved into brightening liners until Pixi came through. And since I have been wearing it for a few weeks now, I can’t imagine going without it. Like wow, what a difference this Eye Bright Liner made to my eyes – they instantly looked bright and not so tired (as they usually do!).

Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review

Again, the pigmentation on this is very similar to the Eye Define Waterline and did a great job in terms of staying power too, unless you have super watery eyes, then I am sure it’s hard to find something that will stay for very long either way. Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Swatches

Endless Silky Eye Pen ($12 each)

“Waterproof, super-long-wear, no-smudge, no-budge eyeliners. They glide on like seamless silk, and in a single sweep motion create a flawless, solid jewel-toned line. No retouching required all day – or night!”

I was most excited to see these Silky Eye pens, as I have really started to experiment with different shades of eyeliners and let’s just say it’s so much more fun to kind of have something that just pops on the eyes, right? Especially if you are like me and don’t really dabble in the world of eyeshadows, then this is just what you’d need to give that color to the eyes.

These pencils come in 12 shades, and the shades that I received were from top to bottom: Rose Glow, Matte Mulberry, Velvet Violet, and Black Blue.

Endless Silky Eye Pens - Pixi Beauty Lash & Line Love - Review Swatches

These were very creamy and easily glide-able on the skin and highly pigmented (that’s something I have actually come to expect of Pixi Beauty now). However, the only con that I can think of is that these need to be sharpened constantly (since they are so creamy) to get that fine line look on the eyes.

Endless Silky Eye Pens - swatches

Swatched below from left to right: ose Glow, Matte Mulberry, Velvet Violet, and Black Blue.

Endless Silky Eye Pens - swatches

Overall, I have been extremely impressed with the quality, staying-power, and pigmentation of these eye products by Pixi Beauty. These are also very affordable and have not been tested on animals or contain any preservatives or parabens – which is why I am a huge fan of the Pixi Beauty brand as a whole since they are 100% cruelty-free! Thanks to Pixi Beauty for introducing me to products, some of which have become my absolute holy-grails.

What is your most go-to eye product or something that you just can’t step out without? Share your thoughts below. 🙂