Sleek Treat is a monthly subscription that sends out low-carb and sugar-free treats delivered right to your door. Each Sleek Treat box includes specially curated 5-8 hand-picked gourmet treats. It is also diabetic-friendly, better for dental checkups, and helps in improving overall health by reducing sugar intake.

*Disclosure: Sleek Treat kindly sent me this box for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. 


$34.99/monthly + FREE shipping

If you live in a warmer climate, you can select the option to have your box shipped with the insulated bubble wrap and cold packs to keep it cool for an additional $5.00.

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What’s inside

  • 5-8 hand-picked gourmet treats

For a relatively small box, it comes filled to the brim with full-size, sugar-free goodies. Love the sleek packaging.

Everything in our box for the month of May. This month was all about enjoying a variety of sugar-free and savory snacks.

You also get a very colorful double-sided information card with all the details about the products included.

As always, this is very helpful in case you want to learn more about any items in your box.

Let’s dig in! 🙂

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears (58g)

One of our favorites! These sugar-free gummy bears taste so much better than regular gummy bears candy. Great to give kids as a treat and perfect for diabetics who can’t eat sugary candies!

Just The Cheese Aged Cheddar (0.8 oz)

100% Wisconson Baked Cheddar, this is probably the cheesiest and crunchiest low-carb snack bar I have tried. As a total cheese-lover, I loved this delicious, cheesy goodness without worrying about any additional carbs. 🙂

Quest Bar Birthday Cake Flavor 

If you are a fan of birthday cake flavor, then this one’s for you! This sweet protein bar is covered with frosting and sprinkles yet contains less than 1 gram of sugar. While it is not a low-calorie snack, it is filled with 21g of protein and a whole lot of birthday cake flavor, so feel free to indulge in the whole cake. 😉

Coco Polo Toasted Coconut Chia (2.82 oz)

Coconut chips packed in a dark chocolate bar paired with chia makes it just the nutritional treat to enjoy any time of the day!

It is sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free! Also has no stevia-taste, so you get that authentic dark chocolate flavor in each bite! Yum.

Fat Snax Peanut Butter Cookies (2)

We love Fat Snax cookies! My kiddos are a huge fan of the Chocolate Chip cookies by Fat Snax and I totally don’t mind them enjoying this sugar-free snack. 😉 The peanut butter cookies were equally delicious (although we are still partial to the Chocolate Chip ones). High in healthy fats and low in carbs make these a pretty filling snack!

Choc Zero Chocolates (4)

If you are on a chocoholic but are on a low-carb diet, then this one’s for you! These chocolate squares by Choc Zero taste delicious and fulfill that chocolate craving in a very healthy way. I loved the Milk Chocolate flavor particularly. It’s hard to resist at just one square though. 😉

Bonus Goodies! Zollipops

We also received some bonus treats this month. Always a fan of Zollipops and happy to receive these good-for-your-oral-health clean teeth pops!

True Lemon & True Lime Citrus Drink Packets (4)

With the upcoming summer heat, it’s almost a necessity to stay hydrated at all times. And just plain water tends to get boring, so I love to add some flavor to my water. But sadly most of the powdered flavors are sweeteened with way too much sugar, so I am definitely excited to try out these low-carb ones! 🙂


Another great month by Sleek Treat! Our favorites were the Smart Sweets gummy bears, Just The Cheese Snack Bar, and Choc Zero Squares. With so many sugar-free and healthy options, indulging in your favorite flavors have never been this easy! 😀

Have you tried Sleek Treat yet? Share your comments below. 🙂