Night In Boxes are subscription boxes for your night ins. The main idea behind Night In Boxes is to invest in your love and enjoy the rewards. They offer 3 different kinds of night-in options: Date Night-In, Faith Night In, and Kids Night In.

Date Night In Boxes – Each month receive a box filled with fun, unique and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities all aimed to help you spend quality time with your loved one!

Faith Night In Boxes – Each month receive a box aiming to give you the right tools you need to deepen your relationship with God and with each other.

Kids Night In Boxes – Each month receive a box for kids ages 3-11 that aim to sneak in a little learning, a get-up and move around activity, a healthy snack and a whole lot of spontaneous fun.


$41.99/monthly + FREE Shipping

*Disclosure: Night In Boxes kindly sent me this box for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Post may contain affiliate links. Please read full disclosure here.

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This review is for the Kids Night In Box.

What’s inside

  • Learning Activity
  • Book
  • Healthy Snack
  • DIY activities

Everything inside our box. This month’s focus was all about have some spooktacular fun, going with the Halloween-theme of the month. 🙂

Spooktacular Night Information Booklet! 🙂 I am a huge fan of these extremely detailed instruction booklets that are exclusively designed by the Kids Night In team! Kudos to them for creating such colorful & creative informational booklets!

The first page lists some fun recipes pertaining to the theme of the month that you could try out with the kids. These are optional but good to have on hand if you’re following the theme for the month. 🙂

This month’s book was Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell!

It was just like the 10 little nursery rhyme and was a spooktastickly fun read! Both the girls loved it.

The older one had a ball of a time “reading” to the little one. 🙂

Snack of the month! Corn on the cob ready to be popped into popcorns. It cleverly came with the bag. This was another great experience for the kids – something they have never tried it before! 🙂

Turned out perfectly yummy!

A quick activity that required the kiddos to build the spooky house.

This was the most fun part of the theme this month! Making our Spooktacular art just like the one on the box! We also received the chalk pastels, and markers along with canvas paper. I had to help out my 4-year-old by drawing out the spooky scene.

And she finished off by coloring in the picture which turned out pretty close to the one on the box if not exactly the same. 😉


We love that Kids Night In Box always comes up with creative and themed ideas and let the kids get out of their comfort zone in terms of showing off their own creativitiy and imaginative thinking!  With any 3, 6 or 12-month membership, get a FREE box with the coupon code: ONEFREE. 

Have you tried Kids Night In Box yet? Share your comments below. 🙂