As things currently stand, most of us parents are struggling to keep up with the super active little ones who definitely thrive on routines and constant activity. But here are a few things that have worked for us and I figured it’d be a great time to share about these!


1). Board Games

Board games are a favorite around here! And one of our sought-out ways to unwind as a family and spend quality time with each other! With so many options available, you can never go wrong with a good Scrabble game or even a Go Fish for the little ones! Whatever makes them happy, we just roll with it! 🙂


2). Making Homemade Play Dough & Slime

As messy as this sounds – it is unimaginable amount of fun for the little ones! And I oblige because not only does it offer tons of sensory fun, but it is also great for letting them think outside the box as they practice on those gross and fine motor skills!


3). Baking

Just like the above, baking can get pretty messy! But the memories we create in the kitchen surely can’t compare to all the mess in the world. We love baking cookies, cupcakes and even pizzas for pizza night! The kids feel like they are contributing and let’s be honest — they truly do love spending time in the kitchen with mom and dad! Because 80% of the time, you’ll find my kids hovering around me in the kitchen. So might as well let them get creative!


4). Subscription Boxes for Kids

This is another favorite of mine! I love that I do not have to gather things to keep them busy and usually you get a box full of goodies to keep them happily occupied. Such as Sago mini box, that is not only educational, but entertaining and engaging at the same time!

5). Puzzles

Puzzles nurture critical & logical thinking, which is why we always keep a ton of these at home! Not only are they great for diverting attention but also help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!


6). Hide & Seek

A perfect activity for a rainy day, that gets the kiddos to move around inside the house! Need I say more? 🙂


7). Building A Fort

We love making forts in our living room that usually follows up with their favorite books and popcorns! While there is a lot of jumping around that happens, there’s something exciting about spending time in your very own little fort that you’ve built yourself!


8). Arts & Crafts

If your kids are anything like mine – then just hand them an art book, and crayons/markers. And let them just unleash their creativity and imagination on a piece of paper. Never gets old or boring! 🙂


9). Science experiments

I love making simple and age-appropriate science experiments for the kiddos! One of our favorites is to create Magic Balloons using baking soda and vinegar. Always a hit with them.


10). Family Movies

And let’s be honest, sometimes we all just need a family movie night! Nothing more relaxing than enjoying a family movie in a cozy setting snuggling with the kids on the couch!
Hope you found these helpful! Tell me what’s your favorite way to pass time with the kids during this time away from school?