Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

I’ll be honest, my day starts with coffee and sometimes even ends with coffee, believe it or not! 😉 And while my husband and I thrive on caffeine, surprisingly, we did not have a designated coffee spot in the house! And I figured, it was high time I created a cozy little nook.

Having said that, I also wanted something on the smaller side but still dedicated just to all things related to caffeine. And since I was working with a smaller space, I wanted to make sure that I utilize the space I already had, without adding any bigger pieces. And thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, I was able to find everything that I needed to create a dreamy & boho-looking yet cozy little corner right outside of my kitchen!

Cozy Coffee Nook

I also chose not to use the space in my kitchen, which is why I needed a small kitchen island/cart.  And I found just the perfect one here. I love how the Bee & Willow Home Kitchen Island provides an extra workspace along with being expandable, and coming fully equipped with a storage cabinet, one drawer and smooth-rolling casters! I personally love that I can actually move it anywhere around my house, in case I decide to change up the decor anytime. 🙂

Cozy coffee nook

I also feel that it’s definitely the highlight of my cozy coffee nook as I just love the combination of cherry-wood and white. My decor style is a bit on the boho/modern side, so it was just the perfect piece for me!

cozy coffee nook for a small space

And of course, you can’t really have a coffee bar without an actual coffee maker! I chose the Nespresso By De’longhi Latissma One Espresso Maker. I love that I had so many options available on Bed Bath & Beyond‘s website, when it came to coffee makers – really made my decision so much easier! And l was easily able to snag all the Nespresso pods right from one place. 🙂

cozy coffee nook for a small space

I also added these Home Essentials & Beyond Water Hyacinth Baskets to store all the extra coffee pods and coffee accessories. I find baskets are just the perfect home accents as they add a homey touch to anything! Even if they are being used as storage. 🙂

Also as someone who is a bit of a minimalist, I love choosing pieces that are multi-functional yet serve the decor purpose, so I carefully added few decor touches from the macrame that’s hanging on the wall to a coffee jar and a cute little storage jar for the coffee pods!

cozy coffee nook for a small space

So if you have limited space in your kitchen, yet still want to create a designated coffee bar, then I highly recommend you check out a rolling kitchen cart as it barely takes any space and is perfect in smaller areas.

cozy coffee bar

How do you think my little coffee nook turned out? Tell me in the comments below. 🙂