This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always been someone who has loved creating things, however I would not consider myself a pro DIY-er. This is of course, until I came across Cricut! And now I am definitely on the bandwagon where I feel pretty confident when it comes to DIY crafting smaller and even bigger projects! Which is why I am going to share with you my top 5 reasons why I love Cricut and why you should hop on the Cricut-love-train too! 🙂

1. I love how user-friendly Cricut Design Space is!

The Design Space is the program that Cricut uses to create all kinds of projects. You need to connect your machine to the Design Space in order for you to get started on creating any kind of project. I personally find it very user-friendly as Cricut has made it so easy to create any design by providing tons of image and font options from the Cricut Image library. And to me, that was very helpful when I was starting out as I had so many design options already available, ready to be cut!

2. I love the versatility of Cricut Machines!

I am a proud owner of Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy and I love them both equally! The Maker is great for bigger projects and it also comes with a rotary blade which is perfect for cutting complex materials. And the Joy is not only a perfectly-sized travel companion but makes amazing smaller projects — I have designed a lot of vinyl and iron-on projects with my Cricut Joy and it has always been such a breeze!

3. I can create anywhere with the iPhone App for Cricut Design Space!

I love that I don’t have to have a desktop or a laptop in front of me, in order for me to create fun projects! I can literally design an entire project on my phone on the app and have it cut and sent wirelessly (via Bluetooth connection) to my machine! So you can bet, that I have come up with some amazing designs sitting right on my bed. 😉

4. I can cut any material with Cricut!

Many people think that you can only cut vinyl or paper with Cricut. However, you’ll be amazed with the amount of stuff you can cut with Cricut machines! The list is endless with over 100 different materials that Cricut Explorer can cut, and even more with Cricut Maker as it comes with a rotary blade and a deep knife blade. Cricut machines can cut from paper, vinyl, iron-on material to fabric and textiles along with special materials such as wood, plastic and even a soda can!

I recently made a felt crown for my little girls and it was such a fun project that was made so easy, thanks to the exceptional felt-cutting abilities of Cricut Maker! All I had to do was design my 3D flower (which I was easily able to find on Cricut Design Space). I then placed my felt material on Cricut Mat and just selected Rotary blade in my settings on the app and that’s it! I got my felt beautifully cut that I was easily able to roll into a flower. I used a glue-gun to secure everything in place! And voila, the flowers were ready to go on my floral stem wire!

5. I love how much money Cricut has saved me!

Since I have been making so many fun projects for my home – from designing welcome signs to creative vinyls on coffee mugs to pantry storage containers. I have been spending way less money purchasing the said things. So in the long-run, Cricut has turned out to be more of an investment purchase that just keeps on giving! Head over to this post to check out how I made this welcome sign.

Hope you found these reasons helpful in making you decide why you need a Cricut Machine in your life! 🙂